Vegetable Chop

By Aardee

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 Feel of eating street food is sometimes so irresistible that we go out and eat as we like. Being someone who has grown up in Kolkata I have a decent craze about Kolkata street food. Be it Marwadi style club kachori or Bihari style Samosha as my love doesn’t end in Bengali style street delicacies. In other words, Kolkata street food is not limited to Bengali cuisine. From Momo to Dosa, from Kachori chat to Ghugni chat, Kolkata street food has almost everything to satisfy the taste-buds of all types of food lovers.


And I found it to be one of my most important duty to share my way of sharing the taste-genre with the foodaholics out here. Also, it would be of awesome taste if you share your love for food.

In this section, we will be sharing various street food recipe which you can make with ease. 

Starting with Vegetable Chop:


1 small onion

1 pod of garlic

1 medium potato

1 large carrot

2 medium beet-root

1 small tomato

Bread crumbs

2 tbsp maida

1/4 cup peanut

Oil for deep frying

Process: Step by Step

  • Boil beetroot

  • Take diced tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and boiled beetroot in a bowl

  • Heat oil in a pan, sauté minced onion and garlic in the oil for 30 sec

  • Now add all diced vegetables

  • Add salt, paper powder, turmeric powder and cook for 1 minute

  • Add little water to so that veggies don't get dry and cook it's mashy

  • Add dry roasted peanuts and cook until waterless

  • Let it cool down completely

  • Now, make a dough of cooked veggies

  • Now, divide the dough in equal proportion and give them shapes u like for your Chop

  • Make a batter of cornstarch/Maida and salt

  • Roll the chop in dry maida, then dip in the batter and coat in breadcrumbs.

  • Deep fry the chops

  • Now your chops are ready to be served hot

  • Enjoy the Kolkata style Vegetable Chop with a crispy outside and soft veg filled inside.

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